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Easy passwordless SSH with sshh

This little wrapper for SSH and SCP allows for comfortable management and scripting. It is specifically recommended for developing and testing embedded systems and virtual machines  before production, where strong security is not required. Usage Use sshh and scpp exactly as you would use ssh and scp. Instalation Easy install! Paste on your zsh terminal …

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Creating a minimal Debian container for Docker

In the last post, we introduced some basic techniques to free up unused space on a Debian system. Following those steps, I created a Debian 8 Docker image that takes only 56.7 MB! Usage You can get it typing the following, but you really don’t need to because docker run  pulls the image for you if …

debian, linux, networking, nextcloud, raspberrypi

NextCloudPi, a ready to use NextCloud image for Raspberry Pi

I would like to introduce NextCloudPi, ready to use Raspbian 8 image with the latest Nextcloud 12. NextCloudPi is an official NextCloud project as of 05-31-2017. Features: Raspbian 8 Jessie Nextcloud 12 Apache 2.4.25, with HTTP2 enabled PHP 7.0 (double the speed of PHP5!) MariaDB 10 4.9 Linux Kernel ( NEW 03-13-2017 ) nextcloudpi-config for …

debian, linux, networking, qemu, raspberrypi

Raspbian on QEMU with network access

This is a little guide to emulate the Raspbian operating system for ARM on QEMU with network connectivity. I found most resources on this outdated, relying on broken links, and lacking the steps for network access, so I reviewed them and streamlined the process. Long story short If you haven’t yet, install QEMU on your …


Control your Raspberry Pi with your TV remote

  This little script will allow you to control your Raspberry Pi using the buttons in your regular TV remote. Usage You can press the following buttons on the remote. OK       – launch kodi up       – launch browser down  – change wallpaper (this is a custom script of mine) left      – suspend your desktop computer …

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Custom random avatars in WordPress

  When someone places a comment in WordPress, the blog tries to identify them by email. The email address is not shown on the comments, but if they happen to have a Gravatar account, their profile picture from that service will be used. If a Gravatar is not found for that email, then a default …

shell, zsh

List files without stopping to type in zsh

This zsh widget allows you to list files in the current directory without interrupting the command you are typing. Usage Hit <tab>  in the middle of any command. It will list all files below the command line. Hit  <space><tab>  on an empty command line. It will list directories. Hit  <space><space><tab>  on an empty command line. It will …


Colorize your stdout with xcol

This little tool will colorize its standard input with a different color for each one of its arguments. Usage xcol imitates the usage of grep, so you can pipe any stdout to it

, or read from a file

Just like grep . You can match any regular expression that sed  would accept


Completely remove a file from a git repository with git forget-blob


Installation Get the script from github and make it executable. To do it in one step, paste the following on your terminal

If you don’t like installing to /usr/local/bin  using sudo ,  just copy git-forget-blob  wherever you like. It will work as long as the file is in the $PATH with execute …