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Enjoy your self hosted music with Diffuse Music Player

  Diffuse is a music player that supports various services such as Google Drive and S3, plus decentralized locations such as Webdav and IPFS.  It is very easy to use and the latest, stable Electron release can be installed to Windows, MacOS or Linux desktops from here.  Music is simply displayed as a list and …


Monitor your hard drive health with SMART daemon

In the last post we covered some possible options that we have to backup our data. It all boils down to providing redundancy in case something fails, which allows us to have some peace of mind in the event of hard drive failure. But having copies of our data doesn’t mean that we are just …


Custom random avatars in WordPress

When someone places a comment in WordPress, the blog tries to identify them by email. The email address is not shown on the comments, but if they happen to have a Gravatar account, their profile picture from that service will be used. If a Gravatar is not found for that email, then a default image …