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dnsmasq as DNS cache server for NextCloudPi and Raspbian

Alright, so you already have your own NextCloudPi server ( or any other similar service ) at home. You also registered for Dynamic DNS with and set it up using the installer from last post. Now you might or might not have another extra problem. You can configure your Android or laptop sync client …

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NextCloudPi Fail2Ban installer

This is just a little script that installs and configures Fail2Ban to work with NextCloud. Fail2Ban will monitor your personal cloud for brute force attacks and block the IP after a number of bad login attempts. Features SSH jail Nextcloud login jail 6 bad login attempts will block the IP for 10 minutes by default. …

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NextCloudPi, a ready to use NextCloud image for Raspberry Pi

IMPORTANT: The contents of this blog post are a detailed explanation of NextCloudPi. However, the main landing page of the project is now and that is the place where information will be kept up to date. I would like to introduce NextCloudPi, ready to use Raspbian 9 image with the latest Nextcloud 13. NextCloudPi …