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Building Docker containers in 2019

It has been a few years now from the container explosion and the ecosystem is starting to settle down. After all the big names in industry jumped in the containerization wagon, very often proposing their own solution, it seems like Docker based platforms are finally here to stay. After Docker became the de facto standard, …


What’s wrong with the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an incredibly popular device that has a well deserved fame for its affordability, versatility, possibilities and vibrant community. It is easy to find fan projects and publications praising it, but most people are not aware of its weak points until they suffer them and come across the information on the forums. …

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Running and building ARM Docker containers in x86

We already covered how Linux executes files and how to run ARM binaries “natively” in Linux in the last two posts. We ended up running a whole ARM root filesystem transparently in a chroot jail using QEMU user mode and binfmt_misc support. Now that we have that covered, nothing prevents us from applying that to …

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Transparently running binaries from any architecture in Linux with QEMU and binfmt_misc

    What? you can do that in Linux? It turns out you can! First, let’s see it in action. Here I retrieve a binary from my Raspberry Pi which is an ARM binary and execute it in my x86_64 machine transparently. If you try to do this… it won’t work right away.

First …

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Let’s Design a Case for NextcloudPi

These instructions are for Raspberry Pi 2 – 3 B+.  Feel free to re-design for your device! After discovering the NextcloudPi project back on the release of Version 12, I realized one thing was still missing… a case!  Thankfully I have a background working with vector graphics and a lasercutter at my local hackerspace, Noisebridge.  …

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Safely flash SD card images with ddsd

I would like to share another wrapper based on the pv command ( because we love progress bars!! ). As part of my work in NextCloudPi, I am constantly copying images to an SD card to test the latest build. The classic Linux way of doing this is by using the dd command

We …

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Security audit your ARM board with Lynis

Be it powerful production servers, or humble home hosted ARM boards, an internet facing system requires that we take security very seriously. But security is hard. No matter how much we try to secure our systems, any small detail we oversee can ruin all our efforts. In the same way that intruders make use of …

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Building Armbian images faster using Docker

The people at the Armbian team have been doing an impressive work at optimizing and generating Debian images for many ARM boards. While they have documentation on the build process, it focuses mostly on setting up a build environment on VirtualBox with Vagrant. They do support building in a Docker environment, but I found the …

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Host your own git repository at home

While Github is a great way of sharing your project and cooperating with others, often times you would like to have stuff such as your code or configuration files under version control. You can setup a Gitlab service at home if you want to be in control of your central repository, but unless you are …