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Sunjam is a performer and musician in San Francisco. He plays around with open source tools and has a ton of fun doing it! If you enjoy my articles you are welcome to send me a crypto tip. BTC: 3GiRvHrpyHsD2fTFQJGrDGUc4QgaoYjc8g ETH: 0x152bE83216CDb4fC199c78048aBF6ee17d88AdA5 LTC: MQ25ZCF9mJ46xn2bcdfEFKLK3QxgXivoEs
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Enjoy your self hosted music with Diffuse Music Player

  Diffuse is a music player that supports various services such as Google Drive and S3, plus decentralized locations such as Webdav and IPFS.  It is very easy to use and the latest, stable Electron release can be installed to Windows, MacOS or Linux desktops from here.  Music is simply displayed as a list and …

nextcloudpi, raspberrypi

Let’s Design a Case for NextcloudPi

These instructions are for Raspberry Pi 2 – 3 B+.  Feel free to re-design for your device! After discovering the NextcloudPi project back on the release of Version 12, I realized one thing was still missing… a case!  Thankfully I have a background working with vector graphics and a lasercutter at my local hackerspace, Noisebridge.  …