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FaniD is a software engineer living in Athens. Fani is a cloud enthusiast, religious about Linux, open-source supporter, systems person. Writes human-readable code. Likes automating stuff. Loves learning and sharing knowledge.

NextCloudPi VM on VirtualBox: Easy setup and clone

This article was originally posted on This article addresses you, who avoid words like Docker or Vagrant (but please consider getting over it soon…), and you do not want to know more than you need about the configuration of NextCloudPi and a VM and you also can’t afford to buy a board computer. There …

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Make your NextCloudPi highly available

Have you ever wondered what would you do if your machine crashes and you don’t have access to your NextCloudPi data (and yes, you always forget to create a backup)? Or maybe if there is a way to connect your NCP with someone else’s on the same LAN and share your data? Then you should …