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Stream you music with Nextcloud Music and Power Ampache

This is a little guide on how to stream music from your Nextcloud instance to a computer or Android phone. Currently there are two different music apps available in Nextcloud, and both support playing music from our browser Nextcloud Music Audio Player Of the two, I recommend Nextcloud Music because it also provides an Ampache …

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Protect yourself from WebRTC leaks

The short story There is an unbelievable security flaw in all major browsers that exposes your public and local IP to websites if you have WebRTC and Javascript enabled, which is the default. In particular, this exposes users trying to anonymize their browsing through VPNs, Tor or I2P. This has been known since 2015 and …

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Running and building ARM Docker containers in x86

We already covered how Linux executes files and how to run ARM binaries “natively” in Linux in the last two posts. We ended up running a whole ARM root filesystem transparently in a chroot jail using QEMU user mode and binfmt_misc support. Now that we have that covered, nothing prevents us from applying that to …

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Transparently running binaries from any architecture in Linux with QEMU and binfmt_misc

    What? you can do that in Linux? It turns out you can! First, let’s see it in action. Here I retrieve a binary from my Raspberry Pi which is an ARM binary and execute it in my x86_64 machine transparently. If you try to do this… it won’t work right away.

First …


NextCloudPi brings NC13.0.2, automatic NC upgrades, Rock64 and Banana Pi support, Armbian integration, Chinese language and more

The latest release of NextCloudPi is out! The key improvement is bringing fully automating Nextcloud updates. This was the last piece of the puzzle, and finally we can leave the board just sitting there and everything will be automatically be kept up to date: Debian packages, Nextcloud and NextCloudPi itself. Also, work has been focused …

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The real power of Linux executables

What happens when a file gets executed in Linux? What does it mean that a file is executable? Can we only execute compiled binaries? What about shell scripts then? If I can execute shell scripts, what else can I execute? In this article we will try to answer those questions.   What involves executing a …

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Understanding disk usage in Linux

How much space is this file taking from my hard drive? How much free space do I have? How many more files can I fit in the remaining free space? The answer to these questions seems obvious. We all have an instinctive understanding of how filesystems work, and we often picture storing files in disk …


NextCloudPi renamed to NextCloudPlus, gets a new website, improved ncp-web, docker, languages and more

The latest release of NextCloudPi is out! Work has been focused on improving user experience during the first setup, and bringing more power to the docker container and ncp-web. Also there is some news! NextCloudPlus improves everyday thanks to your feedback. Please report any problems here. Also, you can discuss anything in the forums. Last …

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Analyze disk usage with dutree

dutree is a command line tool to analyze disk usage. Features coloured output, according to the LS_COLORS  environment variable. display the file system tree ability to aggregate small files ability to exclude files or directories ability to compare different directories fast, written in Rust This tool is a mix between tree and durep, which we already …