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Humbly sharing things that I find useful [ github dockerhub ]
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Analize disk usage with dutree

dutree is a command line tool to analyze disk usage. Features coloured output, according to the LS_COLORS  environment variable. display the file system tree ability to aggregate small files ability to exclude files or directories ability to compare different directories fast, written in Rust This tool is a mix between tree and durep, which we already …

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NextCloudPi brings NC 13.0.1, remote backups, ZRAM, translations, web improvements and more

The latest release of NextCloudPi is out! The main features of this update revolve around remote synchronization and backup. This will allow us data hoarders to efficiently synchronize our data and BTRFS snapshots not only to a backup USB drive, but also to another remote machine that could be even in a different location through …

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Easy sync BTRFS snapshots with btrfs-sync

To complement the last BTRFS tool btrfs-snp (which allows us to schedule snapshots), I would like to share a new tool to synchronize them locally or remotely  to achieve efficient data redundancy. With btrfs-snp we can replicate our BTRFS snapshots in a different BTRFS system, and have a second copy of our versioned subvolume in …

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Safely flash SD card images with ddsd

I would like to share another wrapper based on the pv command ( because we love progress bars!! ). As part of my work in NextCloudPi, I am constantly copying images to an SD card to test the latest build. The classic Linux way of doing this is by using the dd command

We …

nextcloud, nextcloudpi, raspberrypi

NextCloudPi updated to NC13, brings UFW, security improvements, auto-snapshots and more

The latest release of NextCloudPi is out! This release updates to the latest stable version, Nextcloud 13. Also, there has been a special focus on enhancing security, and on providing tooling to assess the security of our instances. In addition to the big changes, there is a small but important change: from now on, images …


Auto manage your Android phone’s connectivity

Today I would like to show you a way of making your phone a bit smarter, more secure and private and save some battery in a simple manner just by using free and open source software. The idea is to automate your phone to learn when features such as wifi and bluetooth should be enabled …

android, nextcloud

Sync Nextcloud, tasks, calendars and contacts on your Android device

This is a basic tutorial on how to setup your Android phone to sync with your selfhosted Nextcloud instance just by using 100% free and open source reliable software. Technologies used Nextcloud file sync is based on WebDAV. Regarding Calendars and Tasks, we have CalDAV For Contacts, we have CardDAV Nextcloud is based on the …

btrfs, linux, OYB software, shell

Schedule BTRFS snapshots with btrfs-snp

To complement the last BTRFS tool btrfs-du, I would like to share a simple script for creating BTRFS snapshots that plays well with cron and systemd timers. This allows us to easily automate snapshot creation. I was inspired by btrfs-snap by Birger Monsen. Usage btrfs-snp can be run manually, or summoned from cron. Invoke without …

ARM, FOSS, security

Security audit your ARM board with Lynis

Be it powerful production servers, or humble home hosted ARM boards, an internet facing system requires that we take security very seriously. But security is hard. No matter how much we try to secure our systems, any small detail we oversee can ruin all our efforts. In the same way that intruders make use of …

btrfs, linux, OYB software, shell

Check disk space of your BTRFS snapshots with btrfs-du

Today I want to share a simple way to check the state of our BTRFS snapshots. Usage

If path is omitted, it will default to / . We can list easily our snapshots, plus have a clear view of how much data they have in common and how much total overhead are we holding. …