The purpose of this blog is twofold.

Firstly, it aims to be a humble contribution to spread FOSS technologies that I use. I often think that there are many awesome quality pieces of hardware and software that just don’t get the visibility they deserve.

I believe that intention makes a whole world of difference. Anyone that actively tries to avoid propietary software will know what I am talking about: peace of mind.

This particularly includes “cloud services“.

Secondly, I intend to put forward the philosophies that I would like to support from an architectural point of view. Things such as:

  • UNIX philosophy. Do one thing, do it well. No feature creep please.
  • Free, open, standarized protocols. DLNA, WebDAV, SSH and so on.
  • Suckless software.
  • Decentralized systems or software, without unnecessary dependencies and/or points of failure.
  • The KISS principle.
  • Avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

If Moore’s Law observes powers of two, then overengineering observes powers of four. Just have a look at Javascript development nowadays.

My first smartphone was more powerful than my first 3 computers. It’s unfortunate that it feels so limited just because developers want to use some cool API/IDE/library. That is what I like about developing embedded systems: cut the fancy stuff out, make it work well.

I am an advocate of simplicity. I consider it beautiful, and powerful. I like things that don’t fail you and won’t fail you, things that resist the proof of time.

Also, I have long felt the need to contribute back to the community for the immense amount of resources selflessly shared by people that have helped me out throughout the years.

My dream goal is to build and help build a digital life that is completely self hosted and open source as much as possible, share it step by step and help be part of a movement to bring back control of people’s properties to themselves.

During the process, my hope is that here you will find ideas, experiences and tips to demonstrate that the best results are obtained when you enjoy and take pride in what you are doing.


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