This blog thrives to help spread free and open source software and hardware. I love the feeling that you can control the machine you are using, open it, understand it and change it with your own hands.

I like to avoid propietary software because I do not have that control, and because I do not trust things to change under my feet without me being able to do anything about it. Many of us felt this way in the past with situations like the demise of Google Reader: centralized cloud services are the most serious example of this situation, let alone the privacy concerns that they bring along.

If we want to focus our energies towards software, hardware and services that are created by its users with love for technology in their minds, we need not only good quality products, but also making people aware of them, and the massive amount of effort and support that they require to exist.


Personally, I like simple, open, effective and to the point solutions, such as

  • UNIX philosophy. Do one thing, do it well. No feature creep please.
  • Free, open, standarized protocols. DLNA, WebDAV, SSH and so on.
  • Suckless software.
  • Decentralized systems or software, without unnecessary dependencies and/or points of failure.
  • The KISS principle.
  • Avoid unnecessary waste of resources.


I have long felt the need to contribute back to the community for the immense amount of resources selflessly shared by people that have helped me out throughout the years.

My dream goal is to build and help build a digital life that is completely self hosted and open source as much as possible, share it step by step and help be part of a movement to bring back control of people’s properties to themselves.

During the process, my hope is that here you will find ideas, experiences and tips to demonstrate that the best results are obtained when you enjoy and take pride in what you are doing.


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