NextCloudPi updated to NC14.0.4, brings HDD monitoring, OrangePi, VM and more

The latest release of NextCloudPi is out!

This release brings the latest major version of Nextcloud, as well as more platforms and tools for monitoring our hard drive health. As usual this release includes many small fixes and improvements, noticeably a new faster version of btrfs-sync.

We are still looking for people to help us support more boards. If you own a BananaPi, OrangePi, Pine64 or any other not yet supported board talk to us. We only need some of your time to perform a quick test in the new images every few months.

We are also in need translators, more automated testing, and some web devs to take on the web interface and improve the user experience.

NextCloudPi improves everyday thanks to your feedback. Please report any problems here. Also, you can discuss anything in the forums, or hang out with us in Telegram.

Last but not least, please download through bitorrent and share it for a while to help keep hosting costs down.


Nextcloud 14.0.4


We have been upgrading to every minor release and now we release an image with version 14.0.4 so new users don’t need to upgrade from 14.0.1. This is basically a more polished Nextcloud version without any new features, as you can see in the changelog.

Remember that it is recommended to upgrade through nc-update-nextcloud instead of the native Nextcloud installer, and that you have the option to let NextCloudPi automatically upgrade by activating nc-autoupdate-nc.


Check and monitor your hard drive health


We already introduced SMART in a previous post, so it was a given that this would be soon included in NextCloudPi! We can check our drive health with nc-hdd-test

We can choose between long and short tests as explained in the previous post.

We can also monitor our drive’s health and get notified via email so that we can hopefully take action before the drive fails

We will also receive a Nextcloud notification



OrangePi images


We are now including Orange Pi images for the Zero Plus 2 version. This board features fast Gigabit networking speeds, and nice eMMC storage, and is capable of displaying 2K graphics, which makes it a popular choice for a NAS + Media Center combo.


NextCloudPi VM


The VM provides a convenient way of installing NCP on a virtual machine, instead of the classic way of using the curl installer.

See details in this previous post.

Author: nachoparker

Humbly sharing things that I find useful [ github dockerhub ]


  1. Hi, thank you for this news, I have 2 comments :

    1. SMART tool monitor does not seems to work on Rock64 (I will open an issue in github)
    2. PLEASE, could you do a tutorial to setup Nextcloud Talk ? Many people say “easy, you just setup a TURN server, and it’s all done”)… but I even does not know how to set it up because I can’t find an easy tutorial.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  2. I have an OrangePi Plus and switched the OS to Armbian so i can try NextCloud. I used the armbian-config tool to install NextCloudPi and everything works so far. I’m very impressed with how all the dependencies got installed and also excited about the NextCloud auto update feature.

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your work.

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