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Introducing the NextCloudPi VM

I would like to introduce the NextCloudPi Virtual Machine.

NextCloudPi features a preconfigured Nextcloud instance and a complete set of tools around it for easy management. Many systems are supported, such as docker, embedded boards and x86 systems.

Until now, the way to get NextCloudPi running on a x86 system was to either use the docker container, or installing through the curl installer.

Even though it is easy to run the curl installer on a VM, it is always better to have a tested install available to download.

There is no difference whatsoever between the VM and the result of the curl installer. In fact, the main reason why the VM exists was to automate testing of theΒ curl installer. Then I thought it could be useful for the community to make this available.

The image is in raw format and has been tested with libvirt/QEMU and VirtualBox. It should work on any other virtualization system such as Parallels or VMWare.

You can get it here.


I recommend libvirt/QEMU/KVM where possible as a full open source solution.

For libvirt, just add the image to a new VM.



Choose the system resources that you want for the Nextcloud instance

, and name it


In VirtualBox and others you might have to convert to VDI or VMK format. This can be done with qemu-convert or VBoxManage, for instance

Then, create a new VM and import the image

You can tweak the resources of the VM in Settings

Build it yourself

The image was created using Vagrant. First, install Vagrant and any virtualization provider. For instance, for libvirt

Then, just get the Vagrantfile and start it.


Author: nachoparker

Humbly sharing things that I find useful [ github dockerhub ]

9 Comments on “Introducing the NextCloudPi VM

  1. Hello,

    I can’t mount the .img file on Windows. Also tried to rename to .iso but no luck. Says it’s corrupted. Tried with direct download.

  2. So I’m running KVM/QEMU on Ubuntu 18.04, and I’m getting this error when trying to finalize the import of existing image:
    Unable to complete install: ‘Cannot access backing file ‘/var/lib/libvirt/images/debian-VAGRANTSLASH-stretch64_vagrant_box_image_9.5.0.img’ of storage file ‘/var/lib/libvirt/images/NextCloudPi_VM_10-23-18.img’ (as uid:64055, gid:132): No such file or directory’

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