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NextCloudPi at the Nextcloud conference

I was generously invited to give a lightning talk about NextCloudPi at the Nextcloud Conference 2017 in Berlin.

It was a great experience, and there were really great talks. I could meet many of the people that make Nextcloud possible and we had really interesting conversations.

I received very valuable feedback and opinions about NextCloudPi, and it was a great oportunity to convey the message and the goals of the project. We can already see the benefits from active new contributors in the form of new extras and the new wiki.

But still, we need much more! If you enjoy NextCloudPi and want to help make it better, hop in! We are particularly in need for web developers for the web interface and coders/system maintainers for helping with the backend.

Of course, any help with documentation, translations, or supporting new users is more than welcome. Just hang around github and the forums.

The talk

I also wanted to share my favourite talk of the weekend, by Tristan Nitot

Author: nachoparker

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  1. Hi Nacho,
    Very informative talk!!!
    Your tireless efforts have made it possible for me to “own my bits” in the form of a personal cloud 🙂
    Nice to see that the project is making headway and I also appreciate the community effort, of course.
    Thanks again!!

  2. Dear Ignatio, I’m writing this in Google Translate because I do not speak the language well. I hope you can understand this message.

    It is about the NextcloudPi program. I’m very glad you developed this. I previously used an old version of Owncloud’s Image. But your work goes a long way and I am very pleased about that. Keep going on here that would be nice for a lot of people.

    I have a remark. In your Blog of February 20, you will write at the installation that the FileSytem must also be maximized.
    And this is no longer in the WIKI.
    During my own installation following the WIKI I have problems with space. After I had first done the SSH and then Expand Filsyteem in Rasbian during the installation, it worked fine.
    Possibly this should be added to the WIKI.

    Gerrit J. Schenk

    PS: Please continue with your work in NextcloudPi
    this is amazing.

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