NextCloudPi updated to Raspbian 9 Stretch

The latest release of NextCloudPi is out!

This has been an intense week. Soon after updating to Nextcloud version 12.0.1, version 12.0.2 came along, only a few days after that, much expected Raspbian 9 Stretch also came out.

That means three releases in ten days. It is important that people start from the newest version as all software updates will be run over Raspbian Stretch from now on. This will also guarantee a life cycle of two years for security updates, and hopefully things will be quiet until the release of Nextcloud 13.

Understandably there is not much else that is new, except the ability for shutting down your Raspberry Pi from the web interface.

NextCloudPi improves everyday thanks to your feedback. Please report any problems, or ask technical questions here. Also, you can discuss anything in the forums.

Last but not least, please download through bitorrent and share it for a while to help keep hosting costs down.


There are two options for updating

  • Backup through nc-backup, install the new image and restore through nc-restore.
  • Manually through the following commands
sed -i 1d /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Raspbian 9 Stretch

Most of the improvements in this version are internal so not really much that is of the interest of NextCloudPi, other than a fix for a vulnerability named Broadpwn that affects the wifi Broadcom chip that the Raspberry Pi 3 uses.

Other than that, we have newer versions of all packages, and some incompatibilities that NextCloudPi had steming from mixing Stretch and Jessie packages have been solved ( example, other example ). As it was mentioned before, Raspbian releases have two year cycles so we will have support for at least two years of automatic security updates

Here is the official announcement

Power off

The Raspberry Pi does not have a power off button that shuts down the system gracefully, so it is handy to be able to do so from the web interface. This way we don’t have to plug in a keyboard, or log in through SSH.

Author: nachoparker

Humbly sharing things that I find useful [ github dockerhub ]


    1. My pleasure! I only feel bad that it is a headache for people to upgrade to the new Raspbian version. That will be easier when the docker image is more mature

  1. Hi Nacho,
    Thanks alot for this new version!!!
    I did a fresh install…but got bogged down with “Let’s Encrypt” because I forgot to also open Port 80.
    Then I had problems syncing all my files…it said not enough space…because I forgot to “expand the file system” on the raspi-config page.
    Nevertheless, it’s all working now and I can get back to what I’m good at…being a user of “NextCloudPi” 🙂
    It has really been worth the journey learning some basic Linux/Computing skills…as a novice it can be quite challenging when you get stuck and nothing works anymore…for example forgetting to open Port 80 🙂

  2. Did anyone try to do the manual update?
    I did it and I thing I’ve messed up the mysql database. It’s not working the server! Humm

  3. Hi!
    First of all, I appreciate your work. NextCloudPi is a very easy way to host data by yourself.
    Nevertheless, as a beginner, I struggle with this distribution.
    While Nextcloud itself is running very smooth and a lot of features can be activated by some clicks, I do have a lot of trouble and errors while installing a “GUI” for a desktop environment and “pi-hole”.
    Maybe, those two featues could be interesting in some future releases..

    1. You might want to use the docker image on top of another image then

      — COPYPASTE —
      Hi, please ask technical questions or report issues on github. That way other people with the same issue can benefit from the answer.

      Check first that it has not been asked before

  4. Hi !
    I installed NCP on a external HDD (1To) on my RPi 3. The RPi 3 boot automaticly on the external HDD (there is no SD on the RPi 3). It worked perfectly till today. It tells me there is no more space. I only use 655Mo on 1To. Is there a step I forgot… I don’t understand.

    1. I can’t “expand file system” because NCP is directly on the external HDD and raspi-config can’t do it… Is there a solution without using a SD card ?

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