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NextCloudPi becomes official

I am proud to announce that NextCloudPi is now officially affiliated to the NextCloud project.

I would like to recommend users to ask questions and participate in the official forums, as it is generally much more convenient than using the NextCloudPi post’s comments.

Finally, please report any issues, technical questions or enhancement suggestions to the corresponding Github section for the project. Check here first if your question has been asked.

Even though the old URL still works, the new repository location under the umbrella of the NextCloud organization can be found at

Thanks everyone for your positive response, feedback and support!

More is coming soon.

Author: nachoparker

Humbly sharing things that I find useful [ github dockerhub ]


  1. Wow. I thought techandme supplied the official images. Though, their image to rpi3 does not work.

    Pleeease, let this be the way we get onlyoffice or collabora integrated 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I recently began using NextCloud Pi after trying to get it working on a Pi through other mechanisms. ISetup went very smoothly. I appreciate all the work you’ve done to make the installation and all the supporting pieces (encryption, fail2ban, etc) work so well.

  3. Dear Nacho,

    Thanks a million for NextCloudPi.

    After spending days of unsuccessfully trying to install OwnCloud on Raspberry Pi I was ready to give up.
    Then, one day, I walked into a newsagency and came across a computer magazine (, June edition) with an entire article on your NextCloudPi.
    I thought, well, I’ll give it one last try…and…thanks to your great effort…it finally worked and I have been using it ever since.


    1. Wow that’s crazy!

      I did not know that O_O

      I am trying to read stuff, but it is in German, also I cannot find any image of the cover that has decent resolution.

      Haha, thanks for letting me know, and I hope you enjoy your personal cloud!

      1. Hi nachoparker,

        I’m editor for Raspberry Pi Geek and the author of that article. Drop me a mail and I can send you the whole magazine as an PDF.

        Best wishes,

  4. Could you tell me if updating to nextcloudpi v.0.19.2 requires you to reconfigure nextcloud from scratch? I want to run the update but am hesitant to do so if it would be disruptive. Thanks for an amazing product!

    1. It depends on how old your image is. And now, the copypaste!

      — COPYPASTE —
      Hi, please ask technical questions or report issues on github. That way other people with the same issue can benefit from the answer.

      Check first that it has not been asked before

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