NextCloudPi gets nextcloudpi-config

The latest release of NextCloudPi is out!


  • Based on the latest NextCloud 11.0.2
  • Based on the latest Raspbian 8 release ( 2017-03-02 )
  • nextcloudpi-config for easy setup
  • Kernel updated to 4.9.13
  • Fixed compatibility with the updater app

This release comes with a general polish and updating of components. The most noticeable change for users is an easier setup with nextcloudpi-config.

Relocate your data directory

You can now easily move your data directory to an external USB drive. Follow any guide on the internet to automount your drive on boot. You will have to modify /etc/fstab for this, just look it up online.

Then, use nextcloudpi-config  to update the data directory to somewhere inside your external mount. Easy!

Tune your limits

You can also configure the maximum upload size for NextCloudPi from nextcloudpi-config.

I recommend to leave the default value as is unless you really need to. A Raspberry Pi 3 only has 1GB RAM memory, and attempting to stretch memory limits will result in pagination, performance degradation and SD bitrotting. Use with care!

Disable HTTPS redirection

HTTPS is enforced by default, but in case you have a good reason to allow HTTP, you can enable it or disable it from here

Activate and configure your extras

If you are using the FULL version, all extras can be activated and configured from here.

Extras in the FULL version:

Thank you all for your feedback, more is to come



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