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Dynamic DNS for Raspbian with installer

Imagine you have just set up your own remote service at home. Maybe it is a web server, maybe it is just a SSH server, or maybe is your own private cloud with NextCloudPi.

First, you have to forward any ports you are intested in accessing from outside in your modem-router.

The next step is to access it from outside. Your ISP most likely will change your public IP every now and then, and also accessing by IP is harder because you have to remember it.

The solution to this is to use a dynamic DNS provider. There are a number of them out there, like duckDNS or DynDNS. I personally use


Note that the Raspberry Pi requires internet access during the process in order to register with

First, clone the repo

Online installation through SSH

Use the generic software installer with the script

Adjust to the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.

If you do not want to be asked for the username and password, and you changed the default password for user pi, you can specify username and/or password in the command line.

Offline installation

You can do this process offline using QEMU.

Extract the SD card and copy the image to your computer (adjust sdx).


Once done, you can copy it back (adjust sdx).


You can verify that the noip2 daemon runs at boot

You can check the status of the noip2 daemon with



Author: nachoparker

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14 Comments on “Dynamic DNS for Raspbian with installer

    1. well, you would have to do it yourself.

      setup a cron job or systemd timer that executes that script periodically

      there’s plenty of resources online. Probably the easiest is to put that script in /etc/cron.hourly

  1. Hello,
    i try 1 more time to register a free no-ip DNS. I only can choose between
    Works this adresses also with no-ip ?

      1. Hello,
        problems solved 🙂 The verify Mail was in the SPAM Folder. Now everything works fine. Thx for the great support.
        Is there a forum ? Sometime i am confuesed to find my posts here.

        1. I am glad.

          Well, if people continue asking technical questions might have to consider getting one LOL.

          It was not the idea, though. Some people do ask me questions in the nextcloud forums

  2. Hello,
    how often the script send my ip to no-ip? In the config i put in the TIME tab 5.
    After 10min i check in my IP there, but there was the old one. What i make wrong?

    1. Hello,
      i get also this output. But after 5 minutes nothing changes in the IP field.

      1. well, it seems to me that you are all set.

        Nothing is going to change every 5 minutes, but whenever your internet provider decides to change your IP, maybe once a month, maybe once a week, maybe never… your raspberry pi will be there, checking every 5 mins if it changed and updating the DNS so you can always access through

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