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What is taking up so much space in my git repository?

This can be a common task, but I always forget the exact commands and have to go on an internet hunt if its not on the history of the machine I am using. Two steps: Find the biggest five blobs

In this case, blob  ceb7aaf4723990ba0007a1c018c414a338180a37  is the biggest, as it uses 187282/1024=183 KB What file is …

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Rebasing in git without losing tags

Rewriting commits, squashing them, eliminating them, forgeting blobs or just rebasing from master to make future merges less painful. Git comes equiped with all we need to rewrite history. But! doing so will have the nasty side effect of changing our commit hashes, and our tags will be now referencing commits that are out of …

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Host your own git repository at home

While Github is a great way of sharing your project and cooperating with others, often times you would like to have stuff such as your code or configuration files under version control. You can setup a Gitlab service at home if you want to be in control of your central repository, but unless you are …

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Completely remove a file from a git repository with git forget-blob


Installation Get the script from github and make it executable. To do it in one step, paste the following on your terminal

If you don’t like installing to /usr/local/bin  using sudo ,  just copy git-forget-blob  wherever you like. It will work as long as the file is in the $PATH with execute permissions. …