NextCloudPi gets remote updates, logs to RAM, easy WiFi and more

The latest release of NextCloudPi is out!

The most noticeable change for users is remote updates.

As new versions come out, we will have the option to upgrade our private cloud directly from the internet.

This means that from now on it will be easier for users to get the latest goodies without having to start from scratch.

Also, given that the most common configuration involves the use of an external USB drive, there is a number of new options to achieve an better setup.

Remote updates

This is the key structural change for this release.

NextCloudPi will look in github for updates to NextCloudPi and warn the user upon login.

The user can easily upgrade through nextcloudpi-config or using the new command

Easy WiFi

NextCloudPi comes ready to connect through WiFi!

Either configure your access point through


RAM logs

This setting moves logs to RAM, which has the following consequences

  • Better performance: as logging to SD is way slower.
  • Better SD card life: as wear produced by constantly writing logging info to the SD is greately reduced.
  • It consumes a little bit more RAM: ~30 MB in my 30 day uptime Raspberry Pi.
  • Logs are lost upon reboot.
  • Any new package that logs to a subdirectory inside /var/log will require the folder to be created in every boot.

For instance, in Apache a new pre-execution command is added

If that is too advanced for you, do not use this feature.

If you want to try it and get in trouble, it can be deactivated through nextcloudpi-config.

Configure swap file

As many people will have a permanent USB attached to the Raspberry Pi, we can have a big swap file in there.

First, configure the USB drive to be mounted on boot in /etc/fstab. Then, configure through nextcloudpi-config.

You can verify the results with

Move database

As many people will have a permanent USB attached to the Raspberry Pi, we can have the database in there.

This will improve our SD card life for the same reasons as above, and likewise our data will be more safe, as USB drives are less prone to corruption than an SD card in a Raspberry Pi.

hint: Never unplug your Raspberry Pi unless it is halted with ‘sudo halt’. It is a recipe for SD card corruption.



Author: nachoparker

Humbly sharing things that I find useful [ github dockerhub ]

21 Comments on “NextCloudPi gets remote updates, logs to RAM, easy WiFi and more

  1. Thanks for making these posts, and continuing to provide terrific updates. I am following your progress closely, as I just bought pi3 + kit to make a local network nextcloud server w/ USB drive. Perfect fit for your image.

    If you put up a donation link I would happily throw some support your way as a sign of gratitude! You are doing important work as I only discovered owncloud/nextcloud via your blog posts . I hope for a future where nextcloud and other likeminded products are mainstream and easy enough for the normal user to get working. You are totally making that happen with your images and posts !

  2. I did a fresh install due to the new features, updates!!
    – I’ve enabled everything except dnsmasq, modsecurity and nc-wifi –Ran ncp-update and Nextcloud is running like a champ! 😀

    Did; curl -sSL | bash
    — went to /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf and changed the port to 8080
    — reboot

    This didn’t work like the previous version and i can’t access the nextcloud https on wan/lan or the http://8080 pihole admin page on lan.

    Could something other then lighttpd cause a conflict?

  3. Nacho, thank you for the rpi nc image! Had it up and running in no time. You make it so easy! In the process my knowledge of linux, cli and nc has grown exponentially. What you are doing not only with your rpi image dev but also generally (cf yr latest post) is amazing. Congratulations and a _huge_ thank you!

  4. I don’t understand. I have 2 problems.

    Wifi is not finding any nets, i’m connecting to the pi via putty, connected to ethernet, but it does not enable the wifi module i think.
    Another problem is trusted domains, i try to add trusted domains, but it does not add it to config.php, and if i try to add it manually it crashes everything.

    Also, yesterday i rebooted the pi with sudo reboot now, it would never boot again, and i had to reflash the SD.

    Seems promising, but the wifi bug is weird, the rest i think maybe is possible to figure out.

    1. What version are you using? you can check typing ncp-check-updates. If you are not in v0.7.1 update with sudo ncp-update

      Then, try to connect through sudo nextcloudpi-config, not through sudo wicd-curses

      NextCloudPi configures trusted domains for you when you configure dnsmasq. How are you trying to do it? In any case, the standard procedure should work if you insist on doing it manually ( sudo -u www-data php occ config:system:set trusted_domains 2 --value=mydomain , or editing config.php)

      In any case, crashes are related to hardware problems, most likely corrupt/uncompatible SD cards, or cheap power sources. Nothing in userspace software can crash your system. That is unrelated to NextCloudPi.

      1. Can i have ethernet plugged in when finding wifi?

        I dont have a screen connected to it, so i have not tested with ethernet unplugged, but i’ve successfully setup wifi before in raspbian with the wpa-supplicant config., maybe i can use this here too, but i thought that your config was kind of cool

        I am on the latest, 0.7.1

        Ok, i have not tried dnsmasq yet, but i would like to try to get wifi to work first.

        1. Hello,

          It seems like you found a bug. Indeed, if you boot with a wired interface connected no wifi comes up.

          I registered the issue

          Please, in the future report any issues that you find over here

          It is more appropriate to keep track of them and mark them as resolved.

          If you do not want to wait for the solution, you can make wifi work by

          – press P (preferences)
          – in wireless interface type wlan0.
          – hit F10 to save the change
          – hit R (refresh) to rescan for wireless networks

          Thank you for your feedback

  5. Great work. Spent a few hours last night figuring out fstab and now have my data directory on a mounted cifs share all encrypted very nice! One question though – if the data directory is elsewhere, is nc-update safe? Or will it default certain settings back? Also is there a way to turn off the nextcloud brute force protection or whitefish an IP?

  6. Hello Nachoparker

    I just stumbled upon your webiste. You did what I was always hoping for that someone would do. Thank you for the Raspberry Pi image for nextcloud.

    Thank you so much!

  7. Hello Nachoparker, great job, but I’m newbie and I need some advice: after moving the database is no longer the nextcloud login page, what have I done? How can I fix this thing? Thanks again

    1. Another thing when I move the data directory does not see the disk capacity, but only 2Gb, where does the display change? Thanks

      1. Hi, I used nextcloudpi-config to move everything but failed, but first I saw where usb disk was mounted (/media/pi/hdd name/folder). so, the disk was moved, but never update the capacity in nextcloud, the database failed.

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